Laboratory, Automation & Medical Equipments

Sales and Support

(A)     Laboratory Support

1. ICP      Inductively Coupled Plasma---- Emission Spectroscopy

2. AAS     Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.

3. GC      Gas Chromatograh.

4. MS       Mass Spectrometer..

5. GC-MS      GC coupled to Mass Spectrometer.

6. XRF     X Ray  Flourescence  Technology.

7. FTIR    Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.

8. HPLC  High Performance Liquid Chromatograph.

9. UV/VIS   Spectrophotometers.

10. NIR     Near Infra   Red Spectrophotometer.

11.NMR    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer

12. Sample Preparation    grinders and Hydraulic Presses.

13.  Analytical balances

(B)      Medical Support

1.  Microscopes.

2.  Incubators.

3.  Ph Meters

4.  Thermometers.

5.  Water Analysis Systems.

6.   X Rays

7.  Freezers.

(C)     Automation Support

 1.    PLC             Programmable Logic Controllers

2.    SCADA       Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems.

3.    PID             Proportional +Integral+Derivative Controllers

 (D)      Calibration

             The process of comparing  the Working,Secondary and Primary Standards and making

             adjustments where necessary.

(E)      Spare parts and Consumables.